Our Business

Our approach to reliability and performance helps our teams provide the trusted link between the market and the upstream, downstream network.

We explore and develop, trade and supply all major grades of refined products including crude oil, by working closely with partnered logistics companies in transporting these commodities to customers around the globe.


Our standard for safety, reliability and performance helps position us to sell petroleum products to commercial, institutional agencies and aviation fuel customers globally. With support from major refineries and through our global alliance of market analysts, credit risk specialists, logistics specialists and technology professionals, we operate in the trade and optimization of crude and refined products on unique relationship-based approach, such as:

  • JOB-PSC (Joint Operating Body for Production Sharing Contract)
  • DPI (Drig Participating Interest)
  • JOC (Joint Operating Contract Arrangement)
  • CCS (Consortium Cooperation System)

Supply & Trading

Our supply and trading team buys, sells and supplies crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas and gas liquids to other agencies and organization’s marketing and refining network.

Our hubs provides the trusted link between the market and downstream refining network. As well as, trade and transport all major grades of refined products and crude oil, by working closely with partnered logistics companies in transporting these commodities to customers around the globe.


Our activities in the power sector include helping power plant owners and developers optimize feedstock supply, as well as working with utilities and industrial users to manage power price volatility.

We compliment chain of delivery by partnering with both generators and load serving entities, and our approach are integrated with, and compliments our natural gas and coal supply business.


Our people evaluates opportunities with regards to risks, reserve potential and economics value, and are focused on hydrocarbon basins with infrastructure to bring discoveries quickly to productions.

Our exploration target ranges from new plays and concepts in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, to extension and appraisal opportunity in established fields. Improved development in seismic imaging and new conceptual ideas to stratigraphy and structural geology play a role in our decision making; but importantly, is our diligent examination of previously drilled wells, outcrop studies and analogs.

Drig Fund

Our ownership model allows us to have a long term outlook and approach to our businesses, and are incentivized by taking a measured approach to risks. Our strong liquidity and risk management discipline resulted in profitable operations, and continuously enable us to undertake a number of strategic investments while working with partners.

We trust and understand the best results are achieved by collaborating with our clients and partners to identify and implement the optimal solution(s); thus, we understands that the commercial context can vary overtime with these relationships been an active investor within the energy sector for almost a decade.

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