Our success is driven by our people commitment to innovative processes – by applying technologies, operating responsibly, and executing with excellence while capturing new opportunities for profitable growth around the globe.

Started in 2010 – with longterm strategy on midstream and upstream activities, we now operate from North America, and Nigeria – West Africa with representatives offices in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. We are organically positioned, and building global connectivity with producers. We form strategic alliances, and continuously invest in extensive network of crude reserves, pipelines, power, natural resources and infrastructure that streamline and simplifies supply chains.


Our mission – to develop and produce the energy that drives tomorrows’ possibilities, while enhancing the standards and growth of our communities.

Founder & CEO

Facing the severe market circumstances of slightly decreasing growth rate of global energy consumption, rapidly decreasing international oil price. “New Normal”of Asia economy, supply exceeding demand in refined oil and chemical products, we optimizes the resource allocation, take on technological research, emphasizes safe production, promotes functional management, expands overseas market, align with strategic partner for products through multi-channels, and increasingly promotes sale of high quality grade value-added products.