We care about the environment and are proud of the many ways at which we contribute to the safety of people and the economy within our ecosystem.


We ensure safe operations that protect people, the environment and assets by –

  • Integrating HSE in how we do business
  • Improving HSE performance in all our activities
  • Contributing to the development of sustainable energy systems and technology
  • Demonstrating the importance of HSE through hands-on leadership and behavior
  • Openness in all HSE issues and active engagement with stakeholders.


Drig, SustainabilityWe have a clear goal to sustainable development and improvement, by giving back, and improving life opportunities around us.

We quantify our success not only by our bottom line, but also, by how well we perform as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we operate and live. Volunteering and charitable giving are an integral part of our corporate culture.

We are committed to making our communities stronger and more dynamic by giving students the tools they need to be successful, and grow both in character and knowledge.

We are here to contribute to the lives of people and future generations, by preserving the natural resources and promoting clean communities.

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